What’s In A Name?

RELEASE DATE: September 2019 Issue for Alpha Female Magazine.

“29 Year Old Fashion Designer Changing the Narrative of Fashion”

Date: August 6, 2019: Luxury fashion labels have been exclusive to Italian brands but there is a 29 year old designer that may can change the narrative. Ganesia Wveighlin is the founder and creative director of fashion brand Caesar Walks.  Caesar Walks is a luxury footwear brand that launched in Fall 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The fashion brand has gained a reputation for quality and their iconic version of the Metal Toe Chelsea Boot. The fashion brand has recently launched its first collection of it’s women’s loafer that is a spin on the traditional mem’s Belgian loafer. The creative director is aiming to release a fragrance line upcoming 2020.

Instagram: @caesarwalks.us
Website: www.caesarwalks.com

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