It’s a Woman’s World

“This is a Man’s World…this is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl”. James Brown had it right from the start! The world would be nothing and even non-existent and impossible to exist without us women, therefore: it’s a woman’s world, right? Let’s think about the mere versatility of a woman. How we transition with ease through the multitude of roles we play throughout the day. We are mothers to our children; worker’s (whether for ourselves or a business); leaders among family/ friends/coworkers; chauffeurs; a sister/aunt/grandmother; a wife; a nurse; a financial advisor in our homes; a caregiver for our parents and children; a chef; a housekeeper; a mediator; a nurturer; and a lover most of the time…and all in the same day! We do it without complaint and society never really gave us a choice did it? In the 21st century, we do it all while maintaining full time jobs, running businesses, birthing and raising children, caring for others and furthering our education. How amazing is the strength of a woman to have the ability to be what is needed, when it is needed, multiple times at multiple moments when it is needed. This takes determination, resiliency, critical thinking, multitasking, creativity, negotiating skills, foresight, insight, self-awareness, faith and grace. These are all characteristics that are traditionally assigned to men who are in or who seek to be in positions of power such as CEO’s, politicians, corporate managers, contractors and farmers. But these characteristics are no respecter of gender and are also what is needed, in order to equip a woman to run the world. …so why not begin to recognize and equip women for the release of the innate greatness that is within them? Remember how phenomenal you are.

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