Alpha Q & A | with Ashley Sebera

  1. What is your definition of Alpha Female ?

Someone who is empowering to other women, someone who controls their destiny over everything and doesn’t have others influence their judgement. Someone who is strong and has the tenacity to pull through and carry on.


  1. What’s the secret behind you and your support system & crew relationships? How does loyalty stand this strong ?

Those who are loyal to me I am loyal to them; I always am willing to give back when others put in effort to support me. I am real. I am honest. I am black and white and being relatable to others makes others be able to connect with me.


  1. Being a woman in the entertainment business who are some women you consider Alpha women who inspire you?

Honestly, I would have to say every single woman in WWE today and in the past has inspired me some way somehow – Every woman who is involved in WWE has to have a strong backbone and determination to succeed with the drive of never giving up. I have been in the ring with the most incredible women in history. We are the true definition of Alpha females. Also, two individuals who stand out in my life journey are my mom and my sister. My mom is a true angel, that woman is the strongest woman I know mentally spiritually and physically, she always has a positive outlook and a smile on her face. My sister is my rock, she has always given me the best advice and has a very unique outlook of life that is so inspiring and a heart of gold.


  1. Tell us about your journey from where you’ve been where you are now?

It is a journey! The twist and turns, the unknowns, the dead ends- it all works out though and wouldn’t regret a single moment. I was a gymnast for 18 years (gymnastics was my life) I went to the junior Olympics and my dream was the Olympics. Injuries stopped my career and crushed my dreams. Telling a young girl, she can’t do what she dreamt of was crushing and no one wants to hear that. I was lost, no idea where or what I wanted to do. But I tried diving, I became district champ and went to states; but that wasn’t my passion, that wasn’t what I dreamt of, I wanted more! I then went to college, graduated and worked the 9-5’s and I couldn’t wait to get out and be active and train. I wasn’t a 9-5 girl, I wanted to inspire others and I wanted to reach others in a way that uplifts them! I started competing in fitness, got my pro card in 2012 with IFBB & started competing around the world. In 2013, WWE was a dream come true. Who would’ve thought that this would have fallen into my lap and changed my life and saved my life for the best? I began my journey with WWE, traveling the world, meeting some of the best people in the world, having a platform to touch others and motivate them, and finally everything felt right! Until 2017, where Dallas Mccarver, my ex, passed away suddenly. My life came crashing down, I started questioning my life, and wondering why me. Why is this happening when I have finally felt for once comfortable in my life. I had doubts and I had questions, I was angry and I was sad. I felt like I couldn’t carry on. My outlet was wrestling, I turned to wrestling and knowing that was all I had. That is where I was supposed to be. I felt at ease in the ring, my mind was strictly on wrestling when I was there, I knew that is what Dallas always wanted me to do. Fast forward I learned my purpose. I pulled a positive out of a negative situation and was able to use all these obstacles in my life to learn that life is a puzzle piece. Every piece may not fit then but it will fit somewhere in your journey of life and make sense. Here I am 3 years later, being able to tell everyone, never give up, live life like today is your last because tomorrow is never promised. I can love again, I have my family’s support, I have a great man in my corner who shares the same passions as me, listens to my story and I listen to his. We are hand in hand changing the world one person at a time with our stories. Life has a weird way of working but it works itself out because in the end, we are only given one chance to live, so make it the best.


  1. Tell us about the charities you’ve been involved /passionate about?

I love giving back to charities and foundations. I work very closely with WWE on outside community projects. I am very involved in “Be a Star”, an anti-bullying campaign along with UNICEF. Kids are my passion. They are the future. I work with “She Is” and started my campaign for women empowerment. Ulysses Diaz & I have recently started with his close friends feeding the homeless and less fortunate in the streets of Miami! With “Team Monster” and local restaurants, they are providing food and donations to be able to make this happen. I will be at peace and grateful to be able to help others.


  1. when you hear the future is female What comes to mind ?

Empowerment! “Who Run the World … Girls” – finally we are getting recognized that we too can do everything we put our minds to. It gets me very excited that now is our time. Also wants to make me help others not to be comfortable, let’s go, let’s make a change.


  1. What is the most challenging task about being on the show ?

The world we live in is driven by social media & people’s comments and opinions. I cannot dwell in negativity; I cannot engage in things that would bring others self-esteem low. Every time I am on TV, I know I am going to be judged, opinions will be made, I cannot let them affect me. I have come this far to know I am me and took some time to learn about self-love and respect. I am a very positive person and never let someone have an effect on my day. They have never walked a mile in my shoes so I try to be myself and relatable to everyone.  Let’s spread happiness!


  1. If you could go back in time & meet a younger you what would you tell yourself ?

Everything will be alright. Don’t stress, life is a beautiful opportunity. Embrace it! Things again have a weird way of panning out. There is no giving up, there is no questioning life. Trust the process.


  1. Do you see yourself doing any acting or movies soon?

Something I absolutely would love to do. I have many friends in the movie industry. I believe I could tap into many different roles as well. After or during wrestling, I would love to venture into that world.


  1. Where do you see yourself or in 2021?

The sky’s the limit! Unfortunately, everyone had big dreams in 2020 and since the world is a little turned upside down, I believe it is time to buckle down on a game plan. Not just saying I will do this but concentrate on how. That is what I am focusing on now. I live right now in the present and accomplishing my short-term goals building to my long term. This is a blessing to be featured in this magazine. This is a goal that has come true. The sky’s the limits.


  1. When you hear the quote “ My voice matters “ what’s the first 3 topics that come to mind ?

Women empowerment

Female domestic/verbal abuse

Children wanting change in the world

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