What’s In A Name?

RELEASE DATE: September 2019 for NYDJ Live.com

“What’s in a name”? Caesar Walks brand becomes the first Black Owned Luxury Footwear Line”
Date: September 6, 2019: It’s a well-known fact that luxury fashion labels have been exclusive to Italian brands but there is a 29 year old designer that may can change the narrative of high fashion. Ganesia Wveighlin is the founder and creative director of fashion brand Caesar Walks.  Caesar Walks company launched its brand with Saint Plousious loafer collection with handmade Italian velour fabric loafer paired with an exquisite red silk insole. Gold threading etched on vamp of loafer.

The fashion brand has created a reputation for quality footwear and its most famous spin on the Chelsea Boot. The Saint Mauritius Chelsea Boot is the first of its kind. The Chelsea boot comes in silver and black metal toe.

No worries ladies, the fashion brand has recently launched its first collection of women’s loafers that is a twist on the traditional men’s Belgian loafer. The creative director is aiming to release a fragrance line upcoming 2020.

Instagram: @caesarwalks.us
Website: www.caesarwalks.com



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